Meet Our Tutors

inGenius! Learning Center contracts to various tutors that have been screened to ensure that your child receives some of the best private tutoring that our area has to offer. Our tutors have all received a 4-year degree and have had previous experience with tutoring. They come with very high recommendations from other tutoring centers and parents that they have worked with. We are confident that you will be pleased with the quality of tutoring that our private tutors provide. Read more about our tutors below!


I started tutoring when I was a sophomore in high school. I fell in love with the job's challenges and rewards and in 2005, inGenius! was born. Tutoring is my full time passion, and I have worked with more than 40 kids in the past three years in all levels of math and Spanish. Most of my students come from College Park, where I went to high school, so I am very familiar with the teachers, routines, and the material that is taught. My job is more than imparting knowledge; I also instill confidence and act as a mentor who has 'been there and done that' on the college track.


I started tutoring math during my junior year of high school, but my passion for teaching came much earlier. I was lucky enough to be inspired by a handful of passionate teachers that taught me as much about leading a positive, impactful life as they did English, History, and Math. I plan to formally pass on their teachings after I get my teaching credentials in the next couple of years. Growing up, my strength was Math and my Achilles' heel was Language Arts, but I enjoyed the challenge of succeeding at something that didn't come readily. Since then, I've reversed the two and am now finishing up a BA degree in English with a long term goal of obtaining a Master's degree in English or Linguistics. I'd like to help my students do the same, training their weaknesses into their greatest strengths through proper study techniques and guidance.


I began tutoring as a freshman at UC Santa Cruz. I have tutored up to college level calculus, statistics, physics and computer science. Whether tutoring one on one, or directing project teams I have been called upon to help others understand the principles underlying their science and mathematics coursework. Because in mathematics and science concepts build upon one another into more complex concepts, I find that it extremely helpful to break down new concepts into their simplest forms. This helps learners achieve a complete understanding of the topic. The experience of mastering complex math and science topics has been personally rewarding. As a tutor, it is even more satisfying to see others succeed in their own understandings of math and science.